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Outline of programme:

* The IASA special interest meetings on 5 October are open to all interested delegates who register for that day.  Most sessions include papers on pertinent topics with time for discussion and debate. The meetings run at different times during the day and you may move between meetings of the Broadcast Archive, National Archive, and Research Archive Sections, and the Technical, Discography and Training and Education Committees and Organising Knowledge Task Force.

Full programme:

Download provisional programme ( Adobe PDF, 297 KB)


TIME Cape Town Hollow Hotel - Conference Room Center for the Book Committee Room
09:00-12:00 IASA Executive Board (closed meeting) chair: Jacqueline von Arb IASA Technical Committee (members and visitors) chair: Lars Gaustad
12:00-13:00 Lunch Break
13:00-16:00 IASA Executive Board (closed meeting) chair: Jacqueline von Arb IASA Technical Committee (members and visitors) chair: Lars Gaustad


TIME Center for the Book Auditorium Center for the Book Committee Room
08:30-09:00 IASA Newcomers Welcome  
09:00-09:30 Morning Tea
09:30-10:00 Training & Education Committee Meeting
chair: Pio Pellizzari
10:30-11:00 National Archives Section, chair: Richard Ranft
11:30-12:00 Technical Committee (open meeting)
chair: Lars Gaustad
12:30-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-14:00 Technical Committee (open meeting)
chair: Lars Gaustad.
Vendor Presentation: "Solution for automatic repair of defective MXF Files at ORF TV-Archives" - Tom Lorenz
Broadcast Archives Section, chair: Ilse Assmann
14:30-15:00 Organizing Knowledge Task Force (open meeting)
chair: Guy Marechal
15:30-16:00 Research Archives Section, chair: Christiane Fennesz-Juhasz


TIME Center for the Book Auditorium Center for the Book Committee Room
08:30-11:00 IASA General Assembly 1 - 8:30-10:15
Morning Tea 10:15-10:45
Inauguration - Jaqueline von Arb - 10:45-11:00
11:00-12:00 Keynote Speech - Verne Harris  
12:00-13:00 Lunch Break
13:00-13:30 Paper - Curating the Hidden Years Music Archive: Challenges and Opportunities - Dr. Lizabé Lambrechts Tutorial - IASA-TC 03 Tutorial - Mr. Will Prentice
13:30-14:00 Paper - Constructive Collaborative Practices for Preserving Digital Heritage: A Case Study of Trinidad and Tobago - Ms. Maureen Webster-Prince & Dr. Cathy-Ann Radix
14:00-14:30 Paper - The Charles Cros collection: knowledge and enhancement of a unique French recording and playback machines collection - Mr. Xavier Loyant & Ms. Marianne Deraze
14:30-15:00 Paper - Managing an Oral History Video collection: a case study on the CPDOC's project "Football, Memory and Heritage". - Mr. Bernardo Bortolotti Paper - Connecting knowledge: Some not so well considered facts about ageing in plastics - Ms. Nadja Wollazskovitz - presented by Dr. Dietrich Schüller
15:00-15:30 Afternoon Tea
15:30-16:00 Paper - A tale of two media formats: The digitization project at the University of the South Pacific - Mr. Javed Yusuf & Ms. Maraia Lesuma Tutorial - IASA-TC 05 Handling and Storage of Audio and Video Carriers - Part A - Dr. Dietrich Schüller
16:00-16:30 Paper - The Challenges of Creating a Multimedia Digital Repository - Dr. Koraljka Kuzman Šlogar
16:30-17:00 Paper - Users Speak: Preservation and Access of Audiovisual Information in Kenya - Ms. Mary Njoroge
17:00-17:30 Plenary - An audio(visual) center of excellence for Southern Africa - Mr. Stefano Cavaglieri & Mr. Saj Chaudry  
19:00 Welcome Reception and Launch of  IASA-TC 05


TIME Center for the Book Auditorium Center for the Book Committee Room
08:00-08:30 Plenary - Celebrating 50 Years of archival preservation of audiovisual records in the National Film, Video and Sound Archives of South Africa - Ms. Nthabiseng Ncala  
08:30-09:00 Paper - The sound archive at the school . A collaboration proposal to prevent violence in early childhood education - Dr. Perla Olivia Rodriguez Reséndiz Tutorial - IASA-TC 05 Handling and Storage of Audio and Video Carriers - Part B - Dr. Dietrich Schüller
09:00-09:30 Paper - Challenges of preserving content of audio visual materials: a comparison of Botswana Television
Services and Namibian Broadcasting Corporation. - Ms. Thandie Phuthologo and Dr. R. M. Abankwah
09:30-10:00 Paper - Raising the profile Curators and Creators of Community Museums, a must intervention today: Experiences from Uganda. - Mr. Fredrick Nsibambi
10:00-11:00 Morning Tea served outside Committee Room
Posters in Reception Area and Corridors: "Virtual National Phonotheque of the Czech Republic" - Mr. Filip Sir; "Blended Learning approach for Digital Curation Course with reference to the Library and Information Studies Centre" - Dr. Connie Bitso; "Making headway through Sound audiovisual archives: Utilising technology to connect and enhance access to information in Zimbabwe" - Mr. Collence Chisita;   "Collaborative learning at SRCI" - Mr. Melchor Garcia; "Promoting access to audiovisual records in Namibia" - Ms. Ndahambelela Lukileni and Dr. Ruth Abankwah; "Preservation of Sound Recordings, Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing" - Ms. Nthabiseng Bongekile Ncala
11:00-11:30 Paper - Early Born Digital: Preserving the Content of a Transitional Tape-based Digital Format - Mr. Toby Seay Practical workshop in digitizing tapes. - Eduardo Sanchez, assisted by Mr. Stefano Cavaglieri
11:30-12:00 Paper - Getting digitizing off the ground in The Gambia - Mr. Tommy Sjöberg  
12:00-12:30 Paper - Comparisons of transfer methods for early ethnographic cylinder recordings - Ms. Judith Gray  
12:30-13:00 Paper - The End of Analog Audiovisual Media: The Cost of Inaction & What You Can Do About It - Mr. Bertram Lyons  
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break




Professional Visits


TIME Center for the Book Auditorium Center for the Book Committee Room
08:00-08:30 Plenary - Collaborative archiving in a research context - Dr. Janet Topp Fargion  
08:30-09:00 Paper - Developing Sound Scotland: connecting a distributed national collection - Mr. Alistair Bell Tutorial - Audio Data Reduction: Pros and Cons - Mr. Albrecht Häfner
09:00-09:30 Paper - Content and Context: challenges of an ethnomusicology archive - Dr. Shubha Chaudhuri
09:30-10:00 Paper - Putting Archival Audiovisual Media into Context: An Archival Approach to Processing Mixed-media Collections - Ms. Megan McShea
10:00-10:30 Morning Tea
10:30-11:00 Plenary - The Day The Earth Moved Under Our Feet - Ms. Marie O'Connell  
11:00-11:30 Paper - One Small Step for Tinfoil…But a Whole Giant Adventure for a South African Audio-visual Archivist: A 23-Year Odessy - Mr. Christopher Grové; Tutorial - Disaster, preservation and recovery - Mr. Albrecht Häfner
11:30-12:00 Paper - Making Metadata Best Practices that Content Managers USE - Mr. John Gough & Myung-Ja (M.J.) Han
12:00-12:30 Paper - Virtual Media in an OAIS-enabled Environment - Mr. Sebastian Gabler
12:30-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-14:00 Paper - Media Preservation at Indiana University: A Report on the Archives of Traditional Music and the MDPI - Dr. Alan Burdette Tutorial - Basic cataloguing, databases and metadata for AV media - Mr. Olle Johanssen
14:00-14:30 Panel - “Preparing a rich, important and diverse archive of global origin for digitization, access, and re-use in education” - Mr. Michel Merten
14:30-15:00 Paper - Broadcast archives in the challenge of preservation and reuse. - Mr. Jean-Christophe Kummer
15:00-15:30 Afternoon Tea
15:30-16:00 Paper - Confronting Preservation Planning - Mr. Will Prentice Tutorial - Identifying typical cases for which the current ways of cataloging, retrieving
and accessing remains effective - Mr. Guy Marechal
16:00-16:30 Paper - Who is speaking?: putting recordings in context - Ms. Zane Grosa
16:30-17:00 Paper - Sound in the Spotlight - Mr. Matthew Davies
17:00-17:30 Plenary - Music heritage archival ethics: issues in repatriation, research, community education and revitalization - Prof. Diane Thram  
20:00 Special IASA Cape Music Showcase Concert


TIME Center for the Book Auditorium Center for the Book Committee Room
08:00-08:30 Plenary - Artists as Archivists - Ms. Diana Chester  
08:30-09:00 Paper - Connecting communities, the cataloging work at the CDI - Ms. Maria del Carmen Ordoño Vidaña Tutorial - Digital Curation & Preservation Tools: Validation, Automation, & Detection - Mr. Bertram Lyons
09:00-09:30 Paper - The Social Networks Pilot: Creative Re-use of Dutch and British Sound Archives - Ms. Lizzy Komen & Mr. Johan Oomen
09:30-10:00 Paper - Community, Memory, and Ethical Access to Music from Africa and the United States - Dr. David A. Wallace, Dr. Kelly Askew, & Dr. Paul Conway
10:00-10:30 Morning Tea
10:30-11:00 Paper - Audiovisual Knowledge Management and the Fear to Lose Control - Prof. Gisa Jähnichen Tutorial - Storage of digital video highlighting the Austrian Mediathek’s project to
create intelligent storage using standard hardware and free software. - Mr. Hermann Lewetz
11:00-11:30 Paper - Creating a Digital Asset Management System for African Collections - Mr. David Larsen
11:30-12:00 Panel - Voices of the Patagonia Austral: digital sound preservation - Dr. Gustavo Navarro
12:00-12:30 Paper - Sharing knowledge and work to preserve the cultural heritage of indigenous peoples of Mexico. - Mr. Julio Delgado Paper - FADGI’s Diverse Approaches to Digital Video Format Guidance - Ms. Kate Murray, Mr. Carl Fleischhauer, Mr. Bertram Lyons, & Mr. Guha Shankar
12:30-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-14:00 Plenary 1 - From Broadcasting to Archiving - Ilse Assmann  
14:00-14:30 Plenary 2 - Europeana Sounds: Europe's digital sound archives at your fingertips - Mr. Richard Ranft  
14:30-16:00 General Assembly 2  
16:00-17:00 Meeting of the Board with Committees, Sections & Task Force  
19:00 Farewell Dinner


TIME Location TBD
09:00-15:00 IASA Executive Board (closed meeting)